What 声音 can you hear?

A ticking clock

A fire crackling in the hearth

Wind howling outside

Can you 听 the weather?

The 声音 of rain through the 开放式 windows


Take a moment to see if you can picture the 场景 in your mind

聆听 for the rain splashing on the window ledge - off to the left

There's a new 声音 outside - almost 混声 in with the howling wind

Wolves howling and barking

What kind of emotion are you feeling right now?

What is it about the 声音 that make you feel this way?

When the door opens 听 how the 声音 of the rain from outside gets louder

Can you tell what 种类 of 材料 the floor is made of?


What might the 人 be sawing?