What 声音 can you 听 that make you think that you are in a woodland?

Bird song

The crunching of leaves under our feet

Why might the 声音 of leaves crunching under our feet make us think that it is autumn?

聆听 for the 声音 of running water in the 距离 - is it a large river or a small stream?

Let's move in closer to the stream

Can you 听 the 声音 of a shotgun being fired in the distance?

Does it feel like you are experiencing the 声音 as if you are walking through the woodland?

Or is it like you are watching someone else walk through the woodland

聆听 to the 声音 of the footsteps change as they approach and cross the stream

What new 声音 can be 听 in the distance?

Church bells

Let's stop and 聆听 for just a moment longer