If 声音 is caused by 颤 对象 and every 对象 vibrates in its own 独特 way then how are 耳机 or 扬声器 able to play back such a 多样性(差异) of sounds?

How Can 耳机 and 扬声器 创作 So Many Different 种类 of Sound?
The secret is in the 录音 过程 and the way in which 话筒(麦克风) and 扬声器 作品

话筒(麦克风) come in many 形状 and sizes but in each 案例 their job is to translate the 共鸣 in the air into 信息 that can be 储存

With 计算机 this 信息 about 声音 波 共鸣 is 储存 数字

声音 In -> Microphones
话筒(麦克风) 作品 by sensing 声音 波 共鸣 in the air and 转换 these into 电子 信息

Inside them they have a 敏感 diaphragm that moves in 响应/反应 to the 声音 much like the 耳 鼓与

This 动作 is converted into 电子 信号 which can then be 储存 or 发送 to 扬声器

The 模式 of 动作 will be different for each different 声音 波 话筒(麦克风) are 敏感 to a wide 范围(排列) of different 声音 波 模式 and so can 录制 many 声音

Nearly all 录音 today uses the 属性 of electricity 电子 currents can become stronger and weaker and this property can be used to 录制 the fluctuating 模式 of 声音 波 共鸣

电子 能量 power is 通常 储存 in the 形(曲)式 of 直达 current because an 交互 current would 意味着 that 设备 would repeatedly turn off and on

音频 信号 tend to be 交互 currents because they have to store 信息 about 声音 which are back and forth 交互 共鸣

声音 Out -> Loudspeakers
To reproduce 声音 we need to be able to reproduce the soundwave 共鸣 made by the 原始/原创 对象 When we imitate 声音 with our voice this is exactly what we do for 例如 if we imitate the 声音 of a passing car or an animal

But to 再创造 声音 accurately we need to be able to reproduce the soundwave 共鸣 in 细节 扬声器 接收 电子 信号 and convert them into soundwave 共鸣

The 较高 the 品质 of the 扬声器 the more 细节 of the 声音 波 can be recreated and therefore the better the 品质 of 声音 再现

The 扬声器 takes 电子 信息 the 交互 current that is 产生 through the 过程 of 捕捉 声音 and converts it into 声音 波 共鸣

It produces 声音 波 共鸣 by moving a cone back and forth in much the same way that an 对象 vibrates to produce 声音 see ‘Where Do 声音 Come From?‘

And Headphones?
耳机 are actually a special 种类 of 扬声器

Instead of being on the desk or a stand in front of you the two headphone 扬声器 are positioned directly next to your 耳 one 扬声器 for each 耳

扩声 耳机 聆听 扬声器 话筒(麦克风) 录音