The 纯/完美 place to start your discovery of 声音作为基础载体(声基) 音乐 providing a 固体 foundation for 未来 discovery

音乐 Made of Sounds
音乐 is made of 声音 and we can 使用 any 声音 to make 音乐

目的 / Expression
Beginning to 控制 and 使用 声音 for a purpose

质地(纹理、织体) make up a big part of 音乐

We will 探索 and 学习 how we can 使用 them in our own 作曲

音乐 is full of gestures an 行为 or 声音 that is going somewhere

We will 探索 and 学习 how we can 使用 them in our own 作曲

探索 of Sounds
探索 声音 using your own personal 乐器 your voice

You will develop your 技巧 in 聆听 and 创作 声音

声音 Postcard
想像 the 声音 of an ideal holiday 位置 and bring it to life using the 作曲 with 声音 软件

捕捉 and Reproducing Sounds
学习 the way in which 声音 功能(函数) and how they travel from the sounding 对象 via 共鸣 in air to our 耳

学习 about how some 声音 are 高 and others 低

学习 about 响度 How some 声音 can appear 更响 than others

And how it can be all a trick of the mind!

Some 声音 are so short that we cannot 听 them as individual 声音 Equally some 声音 are so long that they began before we arrived and will continue after we leave

声音 种类 / 声音 Source
You will begin to think about grouping 声音 基于 on their common 属性 or common 源

Soundscapes and the 声音 Environment
发现 the soundscapes all around us

New 观念 In Sound
With the invention of 录音 技术 the way in which 人 thought about 声音 was completely changed All 声音 could be captured and brought into the concert hall all 声音 could be used 音乐方面

生成 Sounds
Using 电子 技术 it is 可能 for us to 合成 new 声音

You will 学习 about soundwalks and to identify the differences between 声音 听 in different 地点 You will be encouraged to make a 声音漫步 and to 录制 the 声音 that you 听

声音景观(声景) Music
声音景观(声景) 音乐 is made of 录制 声音 from the world around us 作曲者 combine and 操控 different 录音 of the world to 创作 new ‘sonic environments’

领域(野外) Recording
The 艺术 of 声音 录音 outside of the 工作室

音乐 Concrète
音乐 具体 uses real-world 声音 focusing on the 音乐 参数 of 声音 rather than the 声音 源 itself