Grains of Sound

想像 the grains of sand on a beach Each of them is very small but together they can 形(曲)式 sand castles and even mighty sand dunes

Grains of 声音 are exactly the same They are tiny particles of 声音 that when 合并 together can 创作 fantastic new 形状 and 结构

It’s often difficult for us to 听 individual grains on their own but we 听 them when they are 已有 in groups We call these groups of 声音 grains ‘granular clouds’

Just like rainclouds these hover in the air and can be any 形状

Where can we find Grains of 声音 and 粒子 Clouds?

声音 grains and larger 粒子 clouds are 已有 in 本质(自然) they are often crackly 声音 but more often than 不 they are 创作 by 人 out of 录制 声音

粒子 Leaves Sound
The 声音 card of 'Dry Leaves Blowing' from the 'External' soundcard pack has been transposed up to 创作 a 粒子 cloud

Some 人 make their own grains and build 整体 作品 from a 过程 called 粒子 合成