The 研究 of the 关系 between individuals and 团体 and the 声音 of the 环境 that surrounds them Two different examples of 声音 环境 soundscapes might be 城市 a city or rural the countryside 人 working in acoustic 生态学 are very interested in how the 声音 of the city and man made 对象 影响 the 行为 of the humans who 现场演出 in such busy and 响 环境

Those working in acoustic 生态学 are also interested in preserving the soundscapes and 自然 声音 环境 of 本质(自然) before 人类 活动 destroys them

The 研究 of the 效果 of the acoustic 环境 or 声音景观(声景) on the 物理 响应/反应 or 行为 特征 of those living within it Its 特殊 aim is to draw attention to 失衡 which may have 不健康 效果 [EARS Truax 1999]