The 概念 of 连续统一 has been used in a 数 of contexts within 电子声学 音乐 包括 Stockhausen's 脉冲 to 音高 连续统一 and 类似 continua applied to other 音乐 参数 Serial 作曲 in the 工作室 was largely concerned with the 创作 of continua between 声音 参数 as a 手段(意味着) of 创作 new 音乐 languages and 结构 原则 for 作曲 Denis Smalley has 介绍 the 概念 in 关系 to perceptually led facets of 声音 in his Spectromorphological 理论 Many practitioners conceive of a 连续统一 between 抽象 and 摹仿 材料