Whether in the 工作室 or in the 领域(野外) a 话筒(麦克风) may be placed in close ... to the 物理 源 of a 声音 近距离 录音 is common in 电子声学 practice since it allows for the 捕捉 of rich 频谱 细节 that may serve an 重要 功能(函数) in the signifying 潜力 of 音乐 材料 or the 调查 and 处理 of this 细节 as a 结构 原则 in the 工作室 类比 could be made with macro-photography close-up shots or the 显微镜 Since there is very little 距离 between 话筒(麦克风) and the cause of a 声音 近距离 录音 will 通常 reveal little 信息 as to the acoustic 环境 in which the 录音 was 创作 which may be deemed an advantage if 材料 is to undergo later 变形 or 信号 处理