The strong 行为 of 设备 for 声音 变形 and 抽象塑形 occurs when these 设备 impose too much of their own characteristic 效果 sometimes fooling 作曲者 into believing that the result obtained is due to 特征 belonging to the 输入 声音 or his or her imagination The same can be said when an exaggerated 使用 of 设备 marks 声音 or events with a 临场 that overwhelms the 声音 and events themselves

Even though acknowledging the difficulty of the terrain I believe that there is something 政治 in the strong 行为 of 设备 Strong 行为 is 不 only responsible for imposing on 音乐 the 语言 of the 设备 but also by supporting a musicality 基于 on the device's power

源 - Rodolfo Caesar 1992 The 作曲 of 电子声学 音乐 PhD Thesis University of East Anglia