The 频率 content of a 声音 or 音频 信号 often displayed as a 图表 表示法 of 振幅 against 频率 Three-dimensional displays of a 频谱 add the 时间 variation on the third 轴 The 频谱 of a 声音 is a primary determinant of its 感知(认为) 音色

A 分音 频谱 consists of 离散 频率 known as 泛音 谐波(泛音) or inharmonics A continuous 频谱 consists of 噪音 components The 频谱 of a 声音 may be 确定 by a 数 of 声音 analysers or by 傅里叶 分析 and is 分布 over the 可听 范围(排列) 20 to 20 000 赫兹 A 分音 频谱 is also known as a line 频谱 where 离散 频率 are present A continuous 频谱 on the other hand shows 频率 连续 分布 over the 可听 范围(排列) 源 Barry Truax - Handbook for Acoustic 生态学 CD-ROM Edition Cambridge Street 出版 1999 - CSR-CDR 9901