In considering the 本质(自然) of 表示法 through 声音 Michel Chion proposes the 术语 演绎 in 对比 to the 术语 再现 The 再现 of a 特殊 声音 does 不 imply a perceptual and 认知 'sound truth' in a homologous fashion 尤其 in an 视听 语义(上下文) For 例如 many examples of 电影 声音 效果 存在 where the 声音 听 is 不 a correlate 再现 of the 源 as suggested by the on-screen 图像(描绘) Often a more 有效 演绎 may be 实现 through the 使用 of some other 声音 that creates in the 听众 a more convincing 感觉 of 'reality' through 融合 of 图像(描绘) and 声音