Many 形式 of 电子声学 音乐 制作 are founded on the 使用 of 声音 录音 at some stage of their 创作 历史 those 形式 of 电子声学 音乐 descended from the 音乐 具体 comprise of studio-based 调查 into 录制 声音 对象 The 过程 of 声音 录音 and 作曲 are frequently 不可能 to conceive of as entirely independent 录音 is part of the 音乐 创作 rather than a 卷宗 of the 表演 of an 现有 音乐 or 即兴作品(即兴创作)

录音 may be monophonic 立体声 multi-microphone 通常 in order to 捕捉 空间 动作 of 声音 at 源 rather than simulate it later or in one of many 可能 环绕 声音 格式 e g 声重发系统 Sometimes specialist 话筒(麦克风) such as contact mics or underwater mics will be employed in the 录音 of 材料

In the French 语言 much greater 细微差别 is 可能 around this 术语 prise de son The theorist Michel Chion has proposed the 概念 of 'fixing' 声音 sono-fixation in preference to 声音 录音 to 突出 the non-passive and 创造力 活动 which it represents Hence the 术语 l'Art des Sons Fixés