1 A global appellation for any 音乐 or 声音 作品 whose existence is dependent on the 技术 of 声音 录音 at some point in its 创作 The 术语 could therefore include many areas of 电子声学 音乐创作 that involve the 创作 of a 'fiction' or 'fabrication' e g 幻听 叙事 掠夺之声 or collage-based 作曲 but could also be extended to the customary 使用 of 声音 录音 i e to document 性能 of 现有 音乐 as well

2 A 术语 denoting the 概念 of 声音 录音 being a 形(曲)式 of 声音 'photography' coined by the French 作曲家 and theorist François-Bernard Mâche In Mâche's 作品 the 术语 is of 重要(意义) at the 电平/级别 of his attitude of allowing 'reality' to be present in the 音乐 作品 and from his 使用 of 音片 in French phonographie as a 模型 This may or may 不 appear in the eventual 作品 and can be used in pursuing 创造力 活动 other than 声音 录音 This 概念 is 相关 in some ways to 'musicalised' notions of the 'found object' in French objet trouvé and Duchamp's ready-made