Also known as 小写 音乐 小写 音频 or simply 小写 小写 声音 is an area of 美学 and 创造力 活动 that can loosely be termed a genre/category Most who 联合 themselves with the 术语 however 值 a 感觉 of fluidity in the area's boundaries 小写 艺术家 privilege 聆听 as a 创造力 act and tend towards focussed and attentive 聆听 contexts frequently to quiet small or commonly 'overlooked' 声音 The 术语 is 联合 with Steve Roden who suggests that the 风格 bears a certain 感觉 of quiet and humility it doesn't demand attention it must be discovered It's the opposite of capital letters - 响 things which draw attention to themselves A discussion group devoted to 小写 声音 may be 已有 athttp //groups yahoo com/group/lowercase-sound/