In 声音景观(声景) 研究 基调 声音 are those which are 听 by a 特殊 社会 连续 or frequently enough to 形(曲)式 a 背景 against which other 声音 are 感知(认为) Examples might be the 声音 of the sea for a 海上 团体 or the 声音 of the 内在 燃烧 engine or hums in the 现代 city Often 基调 声音 are 不 知觉 感知(认为) but they act as 条件 中介 in the 感知 of other 声音 信号 They have accordingly been 比拟 to the ground in the figure-ground 关系 of 视觉 感知

源 Barry Truax - Handbook for Acoustic 生态学 CD-ROM Edition Cambridge Street 出版 1999 - CSR-CDR 9901