Originally 音乐 in which the 声音 材料 is 不 预先录制 but instead uniquely 生成 电子手段 历史 through 震荡器 and 噪音 发生器 currently 数字 There are some 尤其 in the United States who 使用 this 术语 today as a synonym for 电子声学 音乐 The German 相当于 德国电子 音乐 has more precise 历史 connotations referring to 电子手段 生成 post-serial 作曲 that commenced in the early 1950s in the 广播 工作室 in Cologne In French 电子 音乐 is also currently used as a synonym for 风格 of 流行 电子 音乐 such as 铁科诺